Welcome to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

A little slice of heaven in one of the best countries in the world!

Santa Teresa is one of Costa Rica's greatest vacation destinations. A growing town built along the beach offers the beauty of nature together with modern amenities. Easy beach access and amazing tropical weather make Santa Teresa unforgettable. Santa Teresa is perfect destination for couples, families (with kids), big groups and solo adventurers. The surf in Santa Teresa is world famous, and no matter when you arrive, you'll always find a wave to ride.

No matter where you are in town, there are always restaurants, supermarkets, and shops in walking distance. Many artistic shops offer unique purchasing opportunities. Two banks in town make it convenient to withdraw money as needed. Doctors and emergency services are available in town as well. A wide variety of food options and fully stocked stores make sure there is plenty to choose from.

Ask anyone in town, whether they're traveling or living here. They'll all tell you that there's something special about Santa Teresa. Many visitors return year after year, and a large percentage of the people living in town decided to move here after visiting and falling in love with the place.

There are plenty of fun activities, trips, and exploring to do in Santa Teresa.